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Dec/23 - Helena the Russian Rose

Helena is a rare rose like no other.

This lady is sweet kind friendly and the best company I have had the pleasure to have in a very long time.

I like a more mature lady who is articulate and smart and of course Super sexy Helena is all that and more.
I was in glasgow and booked the Lovely Helena from Central Ladies Glasgow, the Glasgow escorts at this agency are superb!
But none so much as the heavenly Helena

We marvelled at the squinty bridge, Whilst doing some Christmas shopping.

I am so looking forward to my next trip to scotland so I can meet up with Helena again in glasgow .

This rose deserves to be cherished

Helena my lovely

You are in my thoughts .....
Charles x

Dec/23 - A Perfect Evening with Francesca

On a recent trip to Glasgow I stayed at my favourite hotel the grand Central which is situated On Gordon Street.

I Absolutely love Glasgow, I mean this place is buzzing!

Phoned an escort agency. Aptly named Central Ladies Glasgow, who appear to operate and cover both Edinburgh & Glasgow.

Had a peek at the extensive Glasgow Escort gallery Of Scottish Stunners.
One lady really caught my eye "Francesca" - Slim sultry blonde just the ticket For some company tonight.

Booking went smooth and Francesca arrived on time looking Absolutley breathtaking!
We decided to have a walk around Glasgow marvelling at the shops & restaurants and the general feel of the city buzz.

We stopped by a cosy downstairs Restaurant called fratelli Sarti on bath street, the food was awesome I went for the veal Milanese, Francesca decided on a penne arrabiatta this is one Hot lady who likes her food just as spicey!
After that we had a wander around George square and to our delight Some Christmas attractions were Beckoning us over, the Ferris wheel took us around a few times.
Many fond memories were had that evening and I would highly recommend Central ladies when looking for Escorts in Glasgow.

Dec/10 - Glasgow Escort Christmas Offer
Don't be lonely this Christmas with our Christmas offer. 90 MINUTES FOR THE PRICE OF 60 - WOW!!!

Dec/02 - Glasgow Escorts 'Changes'
The escort industry has changed a lot in the last few years but now I am starting to see it go full circle.

Mar/13 - On my last visit to Glasgow...

On my last visit to Glasgow I was struck by the diversity of culture hidden within the city, at a glance Glasgow did not look like it had much culture but on further observation how wrong I was.

Apart from the museums the architecture the international cuisine the real culture lies within the people themselves.

One evening whilst dining in the restaurant of the Hilton I came accross a strange character who was under the impression that I was his companion for the evening, a little confused I asked him to elaborate... he then said he had booked a gorgeous Companion from an agency called Central Ladies and was sure I was indeed that lady. I explained I was here on business but not that kind of business, he apologised I told him no need to... it was kind of a compliment I think... the atmosphere was easy so I asked him what kind of business central ladies was, he smiled a knowing smile and said he had met some of the nicest companions through this agency when he was in Edinburgh and Glasgow, being from London he said he finds it hard to unwind with the stresses of his high powered job... I was intrigued he said he had been shown the sights of Glasgow the museums ect and had been intoduced to a fantastic night life and hip restaurants.

He assured me the Ladies were educated articulate and groomed to perfection! It was certainly an eye opener. I decided to google this particular business. I was most impressed by what I found. All in all a very interesting trip was had in Glasgow.